Why Play Squash?

SQUASH is a gender-neutral sport and is accessible to people from all walks of life. Everyone can play…. all you need is a racquet and ball, and to rent a squash court. You can get started instantly, as long as you can hit the ball with the racquet in the direction of the front wall. Squash has a learning curve that rewards as equally as it challenges. Squash is a sport that is easy to play, but where achieving greatness must be the result of hours of training on fitness and technique. It is enthralling, exciting, absorbing, rewarding.

Squash is “the world’s healthiest sport”


SQUASH was voted by Forbes Magazine as the world’s healthiest sport, in recognition of the fact that it provides a thoroughly modern and potentially competitive, effective workout in minimal time and space. This makes it ideal for urban lifestyles, of the kind that have generated increases in child obesity and other metabolic health issues. Squash is a great way to combat these trends for the good of mankind and children in particular.

Squash fits today’s lifestyles

Busy people require exercise that can be conducted quickly with maximum return on the time invested. Squash burns up to 1500 calories per hour in a competitive, fun environment that delivers significant health benefits in as little as half an hour.

You can burn enough energy to compensate for eating two average hamburgers in only half an hour (this is not a recommendation for eating hamburgers, though).

This means that more people can play squash, more people can get healthy, and that squash makes a greater contribution to the health of the general public, when measured in calories per hour, than most other forms of activity. This is particularly so in urban environments where it can be difficult to find competitive exercise facilities.

Squash for young people today

SQUASH is absolutely relevant to young people in the 21st Century, being easy to watch and understand and access, and producing a result in a short period of time. The game also includes layers of subtlety and strategy that enrich the experience for the more advanced viewer and player.

Squash is very easy to learn

Anyone who can hit a ball with a racquet can play. A competitive game with rallies can be experienced by anyone with a reasonable eye for a ball and some hand-eye coordination, after only a very short time.

Squash is easy to be inspired by

Young people today crave instant or near-instant reward for their endeavours. Squash addresses this with a short learning curve and a short, intense duration of competition.

Squash teaches life skills

There is no doubt after a game who is the winner; the winner is always the best player. These essential life values are well demonstrated by the pure sport of squash. Furthermore, the fact that both players share the same court space means that in competition, they have to co-exist. This unique feature of our game teaches valuable lessons of friendship and friendly rivalry.

Taken from World Squash Federation website http://squash2016.info/